The whole Loch can be fished at any time of day or night, every day of the year, except at the Wall End (opposite to, and furthest from, the picnic area).  Season Ticket holders only may fish at night and anyone under 16 years of age fishing at night must be accompanied by an adult. 

Day tickets, Evening Tickets and Season tickets are available.

For ticket availability and prices please see the Fishing Tickets page.  For Fishing Rules and information on Fish Stocks, please see the relevant pages.

The Loch is a 2.5 acre 20-peg lake.  Carp can be caught as little as a rod length from the bank.

fishing from the bank

The Loch can be fished from the bank or any one of the swims situated around the Loch, two of which are suitable for disabled anglers.  For wheelchair access for the purpose of fishing, a key to the entrance gate by the Sports Centre can be obtained from Reception.

The Loch, which is approximately 6-8 feet deep, has a silt bottom with snags and 7 lily beds to fish around.

Anyone over the age of 12 fishing in freshwater in England and Wales must have a valid rod licence. You must, therefore, have a Rod Licence in order to fish at the Loch.  These are available at the Post Office, situated about half way along the High Street, on the right hand side of the road if travelling from the traffic lights.

Fishing Methods:

  • Pike fishing requires specialist knowledge and tackle.  It should not be attempted unless you are confident you can unhook and safely return the fish.
  • Do not leave baited rods unattended as they can endanger water birds and fish which might gorge the bait or snag the line.

For more information on methods and baits please see the Fish Stocks page.

Unhooking Fish:

  • A plastic disgorger is essential for unhooking fish quickly and safely.
  • Carry several disgorgers in case of loss.
  • Always wet your hands before handling the fish.
  • Do not use towels, wet or dry, as these can remove the protective slime from the fish.
  • Use a wet unhooking mat.  Never unhook on hard ground.
  • Use a landing net, preferably with the Angling Foundation's 'water-lily' approval mark, large enough for fish you may catch.
  • Fish should be weighed in nets or weighing slings and not by the gills.
  • Always hold fish close to the ground.
  • Return fish gently to the water - never throw them back.

Please remember that discarded fishing line is a danger to wildlife and should be disposed of properly.

For further information on good fish care and best angling practice, check out the FACT 'Code of Conduct for Coarse Anglers', available from your local PCFA fishery.  More information can be found on the Professional Coarse Fisheries Website.  A pdf version of the leaflet can be downloaded from  the Specialist Anglers' Alliance website.


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