Trees and undergrowth - complaint
The state of the trees, bushes and undergrowth around the loch and in particular along the paths and neighbouring properties, has now become unacceptable. When is it going to be maintained?
Posted by Mr Skinner on 01 September 2016
We are aware of the problems. Unfortunately we are short on volunteer Trustees at present and are actively endeavouring to recruit more. In the meantime we are doing all we can to maintain the Loch area.
Posted by Rosalie Gibb on 02 September 2016
Are there any places local to buy maggots and groundbait
Posted by Reg hawes on 17 August 2016
Since Rudlings closed I don't think anyone else in the town sells them but it might be worth asking at the Sports Centre.
Posted by Rosalie Gibb on 03 September 2016
Rodents and Rubbish
As a new resident to the local area I am very concerned to see mounds of rubbish and plastic bags building up in the park. This is turn has led to rodents around the area during day light hours. I understand that as you are a "private charity" local councils no longer take care of the pest control or the garbage collections. If this is so, can you tell me when your garbage is collected and who and how are you dealing with the pest control? I have been told by pest control themselves, rodents roaming around in the day light highlights a real problem!?
Posted by A Williams on 14 August 2015
We are aware of the problems with rodents at the Loch. We have very effective traps but until rubbish, especially food, is taken home and people cease to feed the ducks and have BBQs around the Loch there is very little else we can do to rectify this problem. Since Bailiffs cannot be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's impossible to monitor the activities around the Loch all day, every day. Please do your bit to help by taking litter and anything edible home with you and NOT having BBQs anywhere around the Loch.
Posted by Rosalie on 17 June 2016
Hi, I am interested in obtaining a membership for the "15/16" season could you tell me if there are any available. I would also be available to help with work party's, thanks.
Posted by John on 21 April 2015
season start/end dates
hi there if I was to buy a season ticket this month when will the ticket end? or will it last 12 months? thanks daniel
Posted by daniel sayer on 07 April 2015
Season tickets run from 1 June to 31 May so even if you bought a season ticket now it would run out on 31 May. So it might be better to buy a ticket each time you fish until the end of May and buy a new season ticket to run from 1 June 2015 to 31 May 2016.
Posted by Rosalie (Webmaster) on 07 April 2015
state of loch neaton
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Night fishing
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re stocking
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re stocking of lake
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Posted on 05 July 2010
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