Fishing Rules

  1. The responsibility of the Trustees is to ensure sound water management according to Authority Regulations.
  2. All persons fish at their own risk.
  3. Barbless hooks to be used at all times.
  4. Maximum of 2 rods per angler at any time.  Minimum 8lb line.
  5. An 18" minimum landing net with a handle and unhooking mat to be used.
  6. All fish to be returned to the water unharmed immediately.
  7. No live or ground baiting.  Smelts and mackerel dead bait only.
  8. Loose feed only.  All bait to be in plastic containers.  No tins permitted.
  9. Lead weights, lead shot, shelflife boilies and nuts totally banned.
  10. Keep nets may be used by Season Ticket holders only.  No carp sacks or dragline netting.
  11. No spinning, syringes or lures.
  12. No fires or barbecues at the lakeside.
  13. Night fishing (Season Ticket holders only) - anyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  14. Please remain quiet whilst fishing and respect other Loch users.
  15. The whole Loch can be fished wth the exception of the Wall end.
  16. All ticket holders are requested not to leave litter.
  17. Tickets must be carried at all times and produced on request.
  18. The Trustees cannot be held responsible for any damage to fishing tackle or personal belongings whilst anglers fish.
  19. Permits will be revoked if the above rules are not observed.
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