Loch Neaton May 1948

Museum for Watton have kindly allowed us to make a short video clip of photographs taken by Ruth Dvornik which are in their archive. These show the Swimming Pool, after the US Air Force* had concreted the old swimming end of the Loch to make a proper pool, along with shots of the Loch, the Bandstand that was at one end of the Loch, the Children's Slide and the Bowling Green.

From the number of people it's easy to see the Loch was really the heart of the town in those days.

Click Here to Run the Video


We would like to thank EachMoment of Norwich (www.eachmoment.co.uk) for their fantastic work in cleaning up and digitising the 70 year old negatives used to create this video.

* At the end of World War 2 when the US Airmen at Watton had time on their hands and lots of materials and equipment they remade the end of the Loch that had been used for swimming and fabricated a proper swimming pool.

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