Q  Can we fish at night?

A  Season Tickets holders may fish at night during the entire Season.  Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Q  How many rods can I have?

A rod licence allows you to have up to 2 rods.

Where can I buy a fishing ticket?

A  See the Fishing Tickets page.

Q  What fish are stocked in the lake?

A  See the Fish Stocks page.

Q  Can we swim in the Loch?

A  Unfortunately swimming is no longer allowed for safety reasons.

Q  Can we take boats out on the lake?

A  Sorry, no boating allowed.

Q  Can we skate on the lake if it freezes over?

A  Definitely no skating as this would be extremely dangerous since even in severe winters the ice would be too thin.

Q  Are there toilets at Loch Neaton?

A  Not in the Loch area itself but toilets, including disabled facilites, can be found at the Sports Centre.

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